Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer heat, Vacation, and planning for the fall.

Well it has been a hot one here lately, and it is making it miserable to do pretty much anything outside. I mean anything, even just sitting outside will cause you to break a sweat. Crystal and I just recently returned from a wonderful vacation to Minnesota. The weather was very nice and not near as hot as hear in Misery...... I mean Missouri. Lol. We camped on the lake shore in our tent for an entire week. There was plenty of fishing done as well as swimming and some tubing behind the jet skis. It was a lot of fun, but it did leave me with some serious bruises. The great thing about vacation is exactly that. You can do what you want when you want. I decided to take my bike along and it was a good decision. I took the opportunity almost every day to get out and ride and I really enjoyed, it also helped to get me motivated for some events that are coming up in the fall.
Now on to the upcoming events. With fall comes numerous outdoor events ranging from 5ks to 36 hr races. I am not sure what all I will attend, but right now there are two things on the agenda. #1 Berryman Adventure Race sponsored by BonkHard Racing. The race is being held in Steelville,Mo. I have to say that I am very excited about this race because the Berryman was my first race 2 years ago. It will be interesting to see how far I have came since then. For right now Chris and I are just going to have a 2 man team and do the 12hr race, unless we find two more people that are interested in the race, or unless we are talked into the 36 hr race.
#2 The Berryman Epic Mountain Bike Race. This is a 56 mile mountain bike race that takes place on the berryman trail and the surrounding area trails. I know it sounds crazy, but biking is usually my favorite part of adventure racing and is what I usually accel at. I am excited for this race, it seems pretty straightforward... go and ride! Sounds simple enough. While I know that I am not going to win, nor will I try. I would like to finish in the 7-8 hr range since the winner last year was around 4hr 45 mins, I think this should be an acceptable time for me, although I may be setting my sights a little high.
The weekend after the epic will be the Sand Springs Sprint race, don't know if I am going or not, not sure if I would have a partner. Later in the year comes the Smithville lake race and Castlewood both put on by BonkHard Racing. Time will tell, expecially closer to then.

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