Saturday, February 13, 2010

Racing 2010

Soon to come.

Well it is official, I signed Chris and I up for the Bonk Hard Chill on March 13 @ Lake of The Ozarks. We attended this race last year and had a good time. I am hoping for a little bit better finish this year. I know that we have not trained as hard yet, but I am sure it will pick up starting this week. This year we should definetly be able to shave some time off due to more experience navigating.

After the chill there is not a lot scheduled yet. I would really like to attend the LBL in April, but with our baby due on the 20th my wife is reluctant to let me head to a race 6 hrs away. Probably not a bad idea, but I really do want to go to this race, maybe next year. May will bring the Greenways race, unsure about the team, but this year the staff have changed it up and coed or all male/female teams of two will be allowed, also a solo division. So not matter what, I will attend the race, and with a little luck it will be a better experience than last year. Maybe we will hit a few duathlons or 5ks for the summer and hopefully hit the Berryman in the fall. I have hopes of doing a 24/36 hr race in the future, maybe even the Berryman. It should be a fun and exciting year.

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