Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wildcat Sprint Duathlon

Chris and myself attended the Wildcat Sprint Duathlon on Sat. October 17 in Rogersville. This was my first duathlon, Chris had done a few in the past. Check in was at 0700 with the race starting at 0800. The race started with a 2 mile run followed by 12 miles of biking, and then concluded with a 2 mile run. We knew going into this event that we wouldn't be placing high in the rankings due to the fact that we would be riding our mtn. bikes, but saw this as a good opportunity to train for the upcoming Sand Springs race. Our only hope was that maybe we could win some of the good giveaways.

My wife and I met Chris in Marshfield and he followed us up to the race which was located at the high school in Rogersville. The weather was clear, but a little chilly with temps in the low 40's. We arrived and checked in and received our race bibs, t-shirts, and race packets. We unloaded our bikes and layered up with what we thought would be the appropriate amount of clothing, and hurried to stage our bikes before the start. Chris ran the first two miles in 18:40 and I ran it in 20:02, we were both quick in the transition and took off on the bikes. The race flyer had said that the bike route would be flat and scenic with "ozark inclines". Well there were a few flat portions, and there were definetly some "inclines" as they were called. Lol. Chris finished the biking in 1:00:29 and I finished in 1:03:29. We felt pretty good about these times since our pre-race goal had been to cover the 12 miles in about an hour. We transitioned and were back out to run. After climbing off the bikes it took a little while to get the legs going again, though we didn't post a fast time on the bikes, we had still pedaled hard riding the mtn. bikes. Chris completed his second 2 miles in 20:37 for a total time of 1:42:26. I completed my second 2 miles in 23:54 for a total of 1:48:38. Overall a pretty satistfying race, completed within our goal of around 1hr 45min. We enjoyed some post race gatorade and snacks and called it a day.

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